Ever since I was a child I have loved drawing and coloring. I remember that I liked the tasks at school where we got to draw and color together with text. I have always loved handcrafts and was introduced to many types of crafts at an early age. Since these where my interests from a young age, I knew that this was the direction to go further on in life. Due to the education and to the interests I hold, the working experiences I have, has relied on working as a Visual Merchandiser to different companies and stores. Working in these different companies has given me experience within not only sales and marketing, but also communication and costumer relation. My passion for Graphic Design has only increased with every year that has passed, and is why I decided to apply for this specific education. Grapic Design is a great build-up to my already existing education and work experience. My goal is to work with Graphic Design in the future, in what way…the future will tell.

Strong roots, even if the ground is not as solid al the way around.
New, green leaf comes every spring.
Photo by yugal srivastava on Pexels.com